MYOB is a business management platform that brings together key workflows for businesses. Since the early nineties, it has been part of the fabric of doing business in Australia and New Zealand, helping businesses start, survive, and succeed. Its IT ecosystem includes some solutions that require specialist maintenance.

When the company sought a software support and managed services provider, a market scan was conducted to determine players in the space who could appreciate and deliver quality support for its unique needs. “Rimini Street was an easy choice for us. They weren’t just looking to sell us what they’ve got off the shelf. They really wanted to understand our systems, processes, and our problems to ensure a good fit,” said Catherine Quinn, platform delivery lead. Stefan Vargheese, MYOB engineering manager, added, “It was not a one-size-fits-all solution. They really took our needs and goals into consideration. Managed services and issue resolution in a seamless, end-to-end solution, without multiple vendors or multiple tickets was a no-brainer for us.”

Single-provider solution drives strategic outcomes

MYOB leverages Rimini ONE™, an end-to-end outsourcing solution for enterprise applications, databases, and technology software. “Rimini ONE enables us to seamlessly manage a whole critical platform, allowing our development team to focus on delivering more strategic outcomes for MYOB, as we continue the evolution of the business management platform for local Australian and New Zealand businesses,” said Vargheese.

Business continuity and the uptime of its systems and applications are key for MYOB, as its agents and customers need dependable access to its software at any time of the day or night. “The reliability of our systems is critical to the business,” said Vargheese. “Rimini Street gives us peace of mind that the applications they support will be available to our agents and customers whenever they need them,” added Quinn.

Rimini Street’s unique support and services instilled confidence in MYOB. While other managed service providers charge per ticket, Rimini Street was incentivized to permanently fix problems.

Outsourcing IT improves efficiency and talent retention

The Rimini Street partnership provides MYOB with expertise and skillsets to tackle tough scenarios. “They’re going to throw themselves in, understand the problem, and work out the best solution. Our system is configured slightly differently than others. There’s been a few things that they haven’t seen before, but it hasn’t fazed them at all,” explained Quinn.

“Switching to Rimini ONE has opened more opportunities for our organization and empowered the team to work more efficiently and more flexibly, as well as save costs. Rimini ONE provides a truly one-of-a-kind solution that’s a must for modern-day organizations,” said Vargheese. “Rimini Street is the magic behind the scenes.”

Rimini ONE eliminated the need for the team to spend time on after-hours support on the platform they cover. “The internal team gets satisfaction from working on the products that progress the platform, while knowing we are getting good service from Rimini ONE to support other parts of our ecosystem. Reducing the time spent on after-hours support means we’re also improving work-life balance, which helps with talent retention. The partnership is definitely paying off dividends,” said Vargheese.

Client Profile
MYOB is a leading business platform that brings together key workflows to fit Australian and New Zealand business’s needs, from finance and supply chain to employee and project management.
Australia and New Zealand
  • Single-provider solution increases IT efficiency
  • Eliminated 25 hours/month of after-hours support and associated costs