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Building a resilient enterprise software foundation for the construction industry

Global Construction Industry Leaders are Saving Big, Investing Strategically

Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions save construction companies around the globe 50% on annual software support fees and up to 90% on total maintenance costs. This approach to enterprise software management helps meet cost containment goals while liberating funds for higher-order priorities such as strategic sourcing and supply chain management.

Cut application support costs and disrupt the status quo

Construction firms face a variety of challenges including increased competition, labor shortages, rapidly changing consumer expectations, and navigating smart, connected technologies. Maintaining the status quo is simply not an option and action is required. Rimini Street has helped many of the top global construction leaders redirect savings from third-party software support to more important business matters such as strengthening competitive advantage, upskilling/reskilling the workforce, improving customer experiences, and driving digital transformation.

Focus on building the business, not on ERP upgrades

ERP upgrades and the vendor's annual support fees can be an excessive drain on operating budgets while offering little or no value to a construction business. Rimini Street helps clients avoid expensive, unnecessary upgrades and guarantees support of the current ERP implementation for at least 15 years, including support for construction business software that may be extensively customized or have complex and highly critical tax, legal, and regulatory requirements. Rimini Street clients can confidently focus on growing their construction businesses knowing that their enterprise systems are secure, compliant, and receiving premium support.

Receive comprehensive support services and fast response

Construction industry organizations understand that proactive attention to detail and rapid response times matter in maintaining high customer satisfaction rates and loyalty. Rimini Street enterprise software solutions are comprehensive and unified, with a response time of less than 10-minutes for critical issues, regardless of geography or incident type. A laser focus on client success has earned Rimini Street an overall 4.9/5.0 client satisfaction rating.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street Support Services are tailored, and leverage a global support model to help drive business results. The Rimini Street mission to help clients extract the greatest possible value from their enterprise software has helped clients save over $5B in support costs to date.

Better model

Construction companies cannot afford disruption to mission-critical systems or supply chain operations. Rimini Street Support Services eliminate escalations and delays that can occur with vendor support. Included at no additional cost are value-added solutions like advisory services, customization support for construction industry software, and fast, client-specific Legislature-to-Live™ global tax, legal, and regulatory updates to expedite compliance.

Better people

Rimini Street has specialists on the front line. Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) lead the way, backed by always-available experts who average 15 years of experience in software support for the construction industry. Every client receives fast, dedicated, personalized service from root cause analysis through to issue resolution.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street helps construction clients regain control of their IT budgets and craft a Business-Driven IT Roadmap aligned with priorities of their business, rather than following a software vendor-dictated roadmap that is more aligned with the vendor's priorities. Savings from Rimini Street third-party support can be invested in transformational technologies that propel new business models.

Featured Clients

Kumagai Gumi Company

“Using Rimini Street’s support services means that we can continue to use our current version of SAP as it is for the next 15 years, making it possible to defer unnecessary version upgrades.”

Isao Shigihara Corporate Planning Division, IT Planning Group

“There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

Jim Chilton CIO

“[W]ithout the right people, you have nothing. In the end, it’s all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team.

One of the key components to realizing the vision was identifying a services provider that had a great track record of providing quality support and be willing to help take on the challenge of revitalizing MWRD’s environment. Rimini Street was that partner.”

John Sudduth Director of Information Technology

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