Flexible by Design

We provide you maximum flexibility to receive the right service at the right time when you need it most. Our Salesforce application managed service (AMS) can be dynamically optimized to focus on the most pressing projects which allows you to better meet changing business needs.  

AMS for Salesforce

Solve for Resource and Skills Shortages

Global Expertise

Our success relies on a global team of experts who support real time, “follow the sun” monitoring and issue avoidance. With our global experts on call, you minimize your risk with staffing and skill gaps that are all too common in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Unlimited Support via Subscription Pricing

Get unlimited use of our extensive catalog of Salesforce managed services that covers over 170 Salesforce configuration, administration, and data management tasks - all for a predictable annual subscription price! Leverage these services to decrease resolution time for end user requests and help eliminate ticket backlogs. Free up internal teams to focus on strategic projects and partner with business users on new initiatives.

Optimize Business Outcomes

We help organizations to leverage Salesforce best practices, increase user adoption, retire technical debt, and implement the latest enhancements and features from the Salesforce quarterly release.

Critical Production Support

Our Salesforce clients benefit from the responsive, client-centric support model that Rimini Street is known for with its Oracle and SAP enterprise software support. Our Salesforce offering include the same 24x7x365, follow-the-sun support with a guaranteed response of under 10-minutes for P1 critical issue requests. This includes support for integrations, code, and system bugs, helping ensure that Salesforce investments are protected and receive the expertise needed to minimize downtime and impacts to the business.

Solve for Resource and Skills Shortages

Salesforce Competencies

Our core competencies in managing, upgrading, optimizing, and modernizing business transaction systems span the following Salesforce cloud applications:

Sales Cloud
Revenue Cloud
Service Cloud
Data Cloud
Experience Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Commerce Cloud
Energy & Utilities Cloud
Health Cloud
Higher Education Cloud

Compare the value

Rimini Street delivers a partnership-driven model, dedicated and consistent expertise, and greater value at less cost.

Common Issues with Traditional Salesforce Service Providers
Rimini Street Managed Services for Salesforce
Frequently a Transactional and Complex Model

• Multiple vendors rotated over time
• Salesforce customers often left to self-support after implementation
• Resources measured on tickets and “buckets of hours”

Dedicated Business Partner

• Single partner for both Managed Services for Salesforce and ERP/database support, with 24x7x365 critical production support and SLAs
• Resources measured and incentivized on client satisfaction

Inconsistent Quality

• Different teams with unknown skills and varying experience
• Junior, lower-skilled resources on front lines, while expensive resources are on tactical work

Predictable Expertise

• Primary Support Engineers with an average of 15 years of experience are assigned to a client long-term versus rotational
• Unlimited access to expert resources with multiple skillsets to help eliminate backlog and drive value

Unpredictable Costs and Results

• Billable hours and/or ticket-based model creates complexity in managing and predicting costs and cycles of change orders
• Rare incentive to proactively address root causes, improve results, or resolve issues

Higher Value and ROI

• Subscription price, based on the number of active users – where price per user decreases as additional users are added
• Proactive guidance on best practices to help maximize ROI and leverage the latest Salesforce enhancements and features

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

With Rimini Street Application Management Services for Salesforce, for about the same cost of hiring one reasonably experienced Salesforce administrator, I have access to a worldwide group of highly qualified engineers. Not only have I expanded the skills and depth of my team, I now get the benefits 24/7.

The cost structure for AMS is a huge asset, particularly for the projects that we don’t predict but that inevitably pop up and require timely attention. NTT is a very large company and not having to continually lobby for funding – including projects that I see as being business-critical – is a major plus. ”

– Patrick Haley Sr. Director of Sales Operations
Nibco Ball Valve
Featured Clients

Rimini Street has helped us to maximize the lifespan of our SAP system and to avoid unnecessarily spending money on upgrades. We’ve been able to redirect those funds into acquisitions and developing new products. We’re now spending money on growing NIBCO, not just keeping the lights on.”

– Jeff Miller Director, Business Relationship Management
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

One of our goals was to become more flexible in our PeopleSoft applications upgrade strategy to be able to decide when and how we upgrade these tools. By archiving the PeopleSoft updates we were already entitled to, we were able to complete an upgrade while on independent support — and do it on our own timeline. If we want to upgrade in the future, that’s a choice we can make without outside pressure.”

– Steve Jacobs IT Director

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