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The transportation and logistics industries are complex and growing markets. The increasing volume of goods and products makes it challenging to identify new ways to handle the additional capacity. Those destined to win will adopt technology and enterprise software solutions or find innovative ways to match the continual supply and demand requirements. Identifying partners that enable the ability to focus on strategic goals and redirect IT funds toward them is key.

Free up funds to focus on strategic initiatives

Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions for transportation industry software and logistics industry software are built on a model that helps clients save time, money, and resources. Newly available IT funds and time of staff can be reallocated to higher-level business priorities such as transforming the workforce and workplace, securing and digitalizing supply chains, and meeting ever-increasing consumer expectations.

Rimini Street Support Helps Transportation and Logistics Companies Free Up Funds for Innovation

Gain operational efficiencies

ERP systems are business-critical applications that require time and experienced resources to ensure they receive best-in-class support. Professionals in the transportation and logistics industries understand that to maintain high customer satisfaction rates and loyalty, service and response times matter. Rimini Street third-party support for ERP applications helps maximize uptime with ultra-fast response times and SLAs, covering a broad range of services including customization support and tax, legal, and regulatory updates at no additional cost. This singular focus on client service and success has earned Rimini Street an overall 4.9/5.0 client satisfaction rating.

Rimini Street Support Helps Logistics Companies Free Up Funds for Supply Chain Innovation

Leave the vendor-dictated ERP roadmap in the rearview mirror

Transportation and logistics companies can struggle to manage increased competition, labor and fuel costs, environmental regulation, rapidly changing consumer expectations, and technology disruption. Those that are beholden to a software vendor’s roadmap and annual support fees can have very few funds available to address these challenges. Rimini Street clients save 50% on annual support fees compared to vendor support, and save up to 90% on total maintenance costs. This enables them to craft a Business-Driven Roadmap that aligns IT spending with business priorities, not with a vendor-dictated roadmap.

Rimini Street Software Support Helps Transportation Companies Gain Operational Efficiencies

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Support replaces vendor support and deliver a premium service experience, leveraging a scalable, global support model to drive business results. Enterprise software support savings can be invested in driving competitive advantage and fueling growth.

Better model

Rimini Street support is vendor-agnostic, ideally suited for evolving and hybrid IT environments. Helping clients contain costs and maximize the lifetime value of ERP systems are cornerstones of Rimini Street support. Expert interoperability and security solutions help ensure that clients can keep existing software releases for at least 15 years.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers have the experience and the resources to help resolve the most complex software issues, including root cause analysis. Primary Support Engineers (PSEs) lead the way, backed by a global network of always-on IT professionals who are experts in every kind of enterprise software and system.

Better outcomes

Rimini Street clients don't overspend on vendor support or lose precious IT time on unnecessary updates and upgrades. Instead, IT teams can work on innovation and growth initiatives that support a Business-Driven Roadmap, while software support savings can be directed to operational improvements and better meeting customer needs.

Rimini Street Support Can Help Logistics Companies Align IT Spending with Business Priorities

Featured Clients

Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street is the only partner that can support the Japanese market with the high-quality support and protection we need, at a price that aligns with our financial goals.”

– Keisuke Hamanaka Deputy General Manager, Process, IT and Data Management
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Without Rimini Street, a ton of our projects would still be stuck at the proposal stage. Instead, they’ve allowed us to start executing AI projects and other major tech initiatives that will be fundamental to competing and providing an excellent customer experience going forward.”

– Kevin Khoo CIO
Featured Clients
Featured Clients

Rimini Street delivers what they promise so that we can deliver quality and trust to our clients and end-users.”

– Daniel Lui CIO

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