Digital transformation was critical to European organizations in 2020 in response to the global pandemic. What lessons were learned, and how do they translate to 2021 IT strategic plans and cloud strategy?

A recent infobrief by marketing intelligence leader IDC reveals results of its European IT Buyer Sentiment Survey, including: organizations’ top goals for 2021-2022, where enterprises are in the pandemic recovery stages, and the metrics used to build a business case for ERP modernization.

IDC’s infobrief includes valuable insights and recommendations for CIOs across the globe as they align business strategy with cloud strategy, specifically:

  • Avoiding the digital ROI gap
  • CEO priorities across the pandemic recovery stages
  • An IT project prioritization framework for 2021
  • How a hybrid IT strategic plan supports the digital transformation journey
  • Recommendations for ERP innovation

The infobrief also highlights the success of Swedish eco-friendly transportation leader Green Cargo in balancing ERP modernization and sustainable innovation on a tight budget by following a Business-Driven IT Roadmap.

Download the IDC infobrief today and continue your digital transformation success.

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