Cloud is a dominant force in enterprise software today. Moving data and workloads to cloud-based environments can drive competitive advantage, particularly by helping enterprises meet changing customer demands and enable new processes.

Despite their popularity, cloud systems may not be the optimal strategic solution for entire IT landscapes. In many cases, internally deployed, customized ERP systems are robust and highly-functional, and there is no business case to move them to the cloud.

Creating a hybrid IT strategy then becomes a smart path to optimizing IT budgets, choosing best-of-breed SaaS solutions, and accelerating digital transformation. To help fund these hybrid IT solutions, many organizations are switching from software vendor support to independent, third-party support, saving up to 90% on total maintenance costs and redirecting scarce IT budget dollars to innovation.

In this informative e-book, you’ll meet five Rimini Street clients that are executing a hybrid IT strategy facilitated by third-party support, reallocating savings to initiatives such as:

  • Low-code application development
  • New marketing programs
  • Rollout of electronic data interchange (EDI) for e-commerce
  • Development of a cloud-based information technology service management (ITSM) application
  • Freeing up IT staff for new projects

Find out more about the benefits of third-party support for hybrid IT solutions. Read this eBook.

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