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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Join nonprofit sector organizations around the world enabling digital transformation through cost savings from Rimini Street third-party software support

Stay Focused on the Philanthropic Vision

Nonprofit organizations face a variety of challenges each day that are amplified during economic disruption. These challenges can include liquidity, maintaining revenue streams, retaining paid staff and volunteers, solvency, and most of all, staying in business to continue to serve their causes. Rimini Street independent, third-party support services and comprehensive support solutions replace software vendor support, significantly reducing maintenance fees and labor requirements while freeing up valuable resources to help clients stay focused on fulfilling their philanthropic visions.

Protect every penny for the cause

Nonprofit sector organizations must work diligently to control IT operational costs. Every dollar wasted means a dollar that is not available for activities such as donor engagement or the development of alternate delivery systems for events and programming. Rimini Street nonprofit clients save 50% on annual software support fees and up to 90% on total maintenance costs, redirecting newly available funds to their missions. Rimini Street has helped many nonprofit organizations around the world substantially reduce support costs for Oracle and SAP applications.

Achieve operational efficiencies through premium application support for nonprofit organizations

ERP systems, databases, and CRM software are core components of everyday nonprofit operations. In uncertain times, the need for technical expertise and digital enablement becomes critical for these organizations. Rimini Street provides engineer-led business software management and support that is always on and available, anytime and anywhere, 24/7/365, including advisory services at no extra charge. Rimini Street clients receive guaranteed SLA response within 10 minutes for critical, Priority 1 issues; interoperability support; and highly personalized service. An unwavering focus on client success has earned Rimini Street an overall 4.9/5.0 client satisfaction rating.

Drive digital transformation while gaining control of the IT roadmap

To survive and then thrive, nonprofit organizations are focusing resources on key priorities and in many cases, technologies that can facilitate initiatives such as accelerating agility; improving visibility with the donor base; enabling fast and convenient digital giving, and enhancing data analysis and security. Rimini Street Support Services can help clients craft Business-Driven IT Roadmaps aligned with their business goals, so they no longer have to follow software vendor-dictated roadmaps. Rimini Street third-party application support and enterprise software solutions help maximize the value of current systems, so nonprofit clients can embrace ─ and fund ─ evolving technologies.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street is a trusted partner to nonprofit sector organizations, with deep expertise in meeting their unique needs. Integrated business software management services delivered through a single-provider model have helped clients redirect millions of dollars from software support to digital transformation.

Better model

Rimini Street delivers comprehensive, vendor-agnostic solutions to support, future-proof, and secure client systems. Ultra-responsive application support includes value-added services such as support for customizations and global tax, legal, and regulatory updates at no extra charge.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers are dedicated to service and focused on providing the highest level of enterprise software management and support. Clients are assigned a Primary Support Engineer (PSE), backed by a network of global experts who average 15 years of professional experience resolving complex Oracle and SAP software issues, including root cause analysis.

Better outcomes

Every dollar and resource for nonprofit organizations is valuable. Rimini Street clients don't overspend on vendor support, so they can conserve cash for more important business priorities. Unnecessary upgrades, patching, and self-support can be eliminated, and IT budget dollars — and staff — can be focused on serving communities.

Featured Clients


“There is a massive amount of technology involved, but the most important thing is how it impacts peoples’ lives.

It was refreshing to engage with a company that is really motivated and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to provide the needed support and help solve our problems.”

Jim Chilton CIO

“[W]ithout the right people, you have nothing. In the end, it’s all about the people you have on your team, and we have a great team.

One of the key components to realizing the vision was identifying a services provider that had a great track record of providing quality support and be willing to help take on the challenge of revitalizing MWRD’s environment. Rimini Street was that partner.”

John Sudduth Director of Information Technology
Pulse Electronics

“As a result of the cost savings that we obtained by partnering with Rimini Street, we are able to invest in innovations that lead to business growth and at the same time ensure we remain competitive in the industry.

I was impressed by how professional and well-organized the onboarding process was. It was executed with care, high-quality of work, and commitment to our success. ”

Alan Wong Global IT Director

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