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Global Financial Consulting Firm Leverages EBS Support Savings to Drive Innovation

“Rimini Street support allowed us to balance and readjust how expenses were allocated for different countries, and showed us that we had an opportunity to invest in other projects. This was an innovation that benefited the company as a whole — it’s like turning unnecessary spending on keeping the lights on into innovation funding for the entire organization.”
Global Financial Consulting Firm, IT Director
Global Financial Consulting Firm


The firm needed to reduce ongoing maintenance costs on its underutilized EBS platform, while still maintaining support for its many EBS customizations. Also, after cancelling a global EBS rollout in 2012 due to regional constraints, the firm needed help enacting its IT paradigm shift from a single, global ERP system to a more localized, interconnected approach.

Rimini Street Solution

Because Rimini Street supports the firm’s customized EBS code at no extra charge, the firm has been able to allocate staff previously focused on support and customizations to new projects and initiatives. For example, the IT department was able to use freed-up internal resources to readjust how expenses are charged to the firm’s various country offices. With this improved view of its expenses, the firm found additional capital to fund further innovation, such as a new identity management solution that forms a key pillar of the firm’s security policy at the group level. As a result of this innovative thinking, the original business objective of connecting the different groups and regions can be achieved under this new identity federation layer.

Client Results

  • Drove Innovation with Support Savings: Rimini Street enables the firm to free up budget and redirect engineering talent to tackle mission-critical firm-wide initiatives such as expense adjustments and implementing a new identity management system.
  • Received Ultra-Responsive Support Including Support for EBS Customizations and Global Compliance Updates: The firm no longer needs to outsource its issues with custom code to expensive consultancies providing additional savings.
  • Gained Assistance and Resources to Bring in Cloud Technologies: Rimini Street’s experience with the firm’s business situation and technology ecosystem is enabling the firm to enact its long-term strategy of connecting different business groups through a hybrid cloud environment.
Financial Services
Headquartered in France, with over 200 offices worldwide
Oracle® EBS 12.1.3 — Financial Management, Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management
Technology Platforms
Oracle Database, Linux x86-64

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