How are IT leaders accelerating innovation and building their SAP roadmap strategy for the future? A global survey of SAP licensees conducted by IDG reveals valuable insights on how licensees are meeting current challenges and planning their long-term SAP roadmap on their own terms, not SAP’s.

The survey included SAP managers, architects, leads, and senior IT managers around the world representing over a dozen industries. The report compiles the survey data and analysis into five main takeaways that answer the following questions:

  • Are current SAP ECC systems meeting the business needs of licensees?
  • What are the primary considerations that licensees are focusing on to optimize their SAP roadmaps?
  • How has the pandemic affected IT budgets and the demand for innovation?
  • What are the top factors for licensees considering third-party support as a strategy to optimize their current SAP investments?

This report is for IT professionals and C-suite executives who want to do it all: fund innovation, navigate their own strategic roadmap, and design an ideal next-generation ERP solution free of vendor constraints.

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