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Navigating the Future of Your SAP Roadmap Strategy

How IT leaders are accelerating innovation while maximizing ERP investments

How are IT leaders accelerating innovation and building their SAP roadmap strategy for the future? A global survey of SAP licensees conducted by IDG reveals surprising findings on how licensees are meeting current challenges and planning their long-term SAP roadmap.

The survey included SAP managers, architects, leads, and senior IT managers around the world representing over a dozen industries. The report compiles the survey data and analysis into five main takeaways that answer the following questions:

  • Are current SAP ECC systems meeting the business needs of licensees?
  • What are the primary factors that licensees are focusing on to maximize their SAP roadmap?
  • What impact, if any, has the pandemic had on IT budgets and demands for innovation?
  • What are the top considerations for licensees considering third-party support as a strategy to optimize their current SAP investments?
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