DJO takes its mission to help people keep moving seriously, so much so that the company considers the optimization of its IT environment a critical component of its ability to produce the orthopedic medical devices the world needs. As the company’s customized Oracle applications needed support, DJO faced time-consuming internal effort to isolate issues just to get vendor help. Plus, extensive patches from its vendor required significant time and effort to implement, which sometimes created new issues. As the company’s Oracle applications and database aged out of support from the vendor, DJO faced pressure to upgrade and had difficulty obtaining tax, legal and regulatory updates. “When I came on board, my main focus was to get our applications into a position of sustainability,” explains Edgar Hershberger, VP of Applications for DJO. “We needed to get to a place where we could support the business for many years but also be able to innovate for the future.”

Rimini Street Solution

DJO evaluated upgrade paths with the vendor in order to remain on support and receive tax updates, but the results were costly without offering significant business value. Consequently, DJO chose to move support for its Oracle EBS and Oracle Database systems to Rimini Street, immediately saving 50 percent of its annual support and maintenance fees. “What Rimini Street brought us was not only better support, including support for our customizations, but also cost savings that we could redirect toward new systems and applications,” Hershberger says. In addition, DJO is receiving, at no additional cost, tax, legal and regulatory updates. “Rimini Street support has allowed us to be more nimble day-to-day but has also helped us support the bigger initiatives that come from the business,” he notes.

Client Results

  • Reduced support and maintenance spend: DJO is saving 50 percent of its previous annual Oracle support and maintenance costs.
  • Gained support for customizations: DJO can rely on Rimini Street to quickly determine the root cause of issues even when they include customized Oracle applications.
  • Gained strategic flexibility: With third-party support, DJO can rely on Rimini Street to support its core Oracle software, as well as assist with new and upgraded applications for years to come.
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