A satisfied user of SAP ECC 5.0, SIFLEX was looking to reduce IT operational costs, maximize system utilization and improve productivity. But high annual maintenance and support costs weighed heavily, and the company found vendor response slow or insufficient, forcing it to engage in significant self-support. Because SIFLEX had heavily customized its SAP solution to meet business needs, the vendor typically declined to respond to many issues. SIFLEX decided to search for alternatives to SAP support that would reduce costs and deliver faster, better service.

Rimini Street Solution

In choosing Rimini Street, SIFLEX wanted immediate access to expert engineers. Like all other Rimini Street clients, SIFLEX is assigned a primary support engineer (PSE) with more than 15 years’ SAP ERP experience. IT team members have taken note that service far surpasses SAP’s call-center support model. Rimini Street PSEs respond to all issues 24/7/365, delivering to an SLA in which response is provided within 10-minutes for critical issues. And SIFLEX has received rapid, customization-related response as well as an appropriate level of support across the board. In addition, SIFLEX has reduced annual SAP maintenance fees by 50 percent.

Client Results

  • Invested in IT innovation: By significantly reducing the cost of ERP support and deferring upgrades, SIFLEX can invest in strategic IT initiatives.
  • Secured maintenance support for its existing SAP ERP: SIFLEX can confidently run its SAP application for the next 15 years.
  • Received premium support: The company receives rapid, responsive support from expert engineers with a minimum of 15 years of SAP ERP application experience.


Client Profile
Established in 1988, SIFLEX is a leading provider of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs), flexible printed circuit assemblies (FPCAs), and surfacemounted technology (SMT) products, supplying customers around the globe.
Headquartered in Ansan Gyeonggi-do, Korea with operations in China and Vietnam
$700 million USD

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