Composable ERP for SAP: Your Roadmap, Your Advantage

Life changed significantly during the pandemic. Companies that changed along with it were able to gain competitive advantage. Companies that couldn’t (or wouldn’t) are likely still ramping up to new consumer and business realities.

For either type of company, a composable ERP approach for SAP may pave the way for breakthrough innovation.

With composable ERP, enterprises can “plug and play” easily integrated, best-of-breed ERP elements to deliver improved user experiences in response to changing market conditions.* Composable ERP creates options to drive growth within a Business-Driven Roadmap, where all IT activities are aligned with business priorities.

For SAP customers running ECC or S/4HANA, or those planning a move to S/4HANA, composable ERP and a Business-Driven Roadmap can be a smart path to even greater success.

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*TechTarget. “Experts predict flexibility as a top ERP trend in 2022.” January 10, 2022, Jim O’Donnell

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