Trying to exit or considering the renewal of your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)?
With proper planning and advice, you can help control the certification process, not Oracle.
However, if you leave anything to chance, you can inadvertently impact your long-term IT strategy, including the ability to move around based on your budget, resources and roadmap.

Tune into this 45-minute webinar and learn about important actions to free your budget from a ULA and liberate funds for innovation.

  • How renewing a ULA can be costly and detrimental to your IT strategy
  • When to plan your exit strategy to avoid lock-in and free up budget
  • How to help take control of the certification process

Join Anna-Rita Stanley-Best, Managing Director – APAC of Palisade Compliance along with Jeremy Sayler of Rimini Street to get guidance on ULA certification plus reduce your support costs, free up resources and focus on your new IT initiatives.

Speaker / Presenter

Jeremy Sayler
Jeremy Sayler
Director, License Advisory Services
Rimini Street
Anna-Rita Stanley-Best
Anna-Rita Stanley-Best
Managing Director – APAC
Palisade Compliance

Anna-Rita has spent more than 14+ years within the Oracle ecosystem with a large part of the time as Director of Asia Pacific and Japan Business Practices, Licensing, Migration and Pricing.

She worked not only with Oracle’s customers and Partners, but also with Oracle License Sales teams, thus providing her with a unique insight into Oracle Licensing from both sides of the table

At Palisade, Anna-Rita’s focus is providing compliance, advisory and licensing assistance to Palisade clients, by using her in-depth knowledge of Oracle’s business practices, deal negotiations, pricing and policy structures as well as license management services.

Anna-Rita has assisted hundreds of customers to achieve large cost savings and her passion is to help organisations take back control of their Oracle relationship.

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