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BrightSource combines breakthrough technology with world-class solar thermal plant design capabilities to generate clean energy reliably and responsibly. The majority of its activity involves work in countries where state laws and regulations must be tailored to the nature of the work.

BrightSource needed a professional partner who understands its industry and its technology and is focused on providing the best possible service. In considering its future roadmap, the solar energy provider also needed to address security and reporting issues.

Comprehensive Service Drives Long-Term Partnership

Six years ago, BrightSource partnered with Rimini Street to support its Oracle applications including EBS, OT, and Agile PLM. “When Rimini Street engineers provide solutions, they are at their best. In terms of operations, things such as reports, complex configurations, and faults that cannot be resolved daily require transition support,” explained Amir Barmatz, director of information technology at BrightSource. The company has been able to redirect resources towards the most important areas of the organization and meet its evolving needs efficiently.

Another component of Rimini Street service that Barmatz appreciates is in-country support. He stated, “Rimini Street has a local workforce that not only provides support, but also provides additional services beyond support.”

The key to BrightSource’s success with Rimini Street was to determine the boundaries of Rimini Street services and balance that against internal strengths to understand where Rimini Street could add the most value. Barmatz’s advice to companies considering third-party support for Oracle products from Rimini Street: “To meet the requirements of external support, the internal team should be built in accordance with the external support,” he advised.

Broad Portfolio Delivers Broad Benefits

Rimini Street dedicated tax, legal, and regulatory (TLR) services, included with its Oracle support services, allow BrightSource to comply with regulations in the countries it serves. “Rimini Street greatly contributes to adapting the financial system to the needs of that country,” said Barmatz.

Additionally, BrightSource has been able to future-proof its security posture. Barmatz shared, “Rimini Street has the ability to significantly expand the security envelope, which is a complex area. We can trust the results for years to come.”

BrightSource is able to improve its reporting functions with Rimini Street’s deep Oracle expertise. By investing time and effort into understanding the company’s reporting needs, Rimini Street has enabled BrightSource to access the data it needs when it needs it

“Reports can now be tailored to a new job or project, and data can be delivered at a reasonable SLA, at the right time. A timely report is relevant, as opposed to a report that takes too long to submit and is then irrelevant,” said Barmatz.

Backed by Rimini Street services and support, BrightSource no longer has to worry about keeping up with the Oracle upgrade cycle. According to Barmatz, “Upgrades are not necessary every few years, and no special changes are needed.”

BrightSource can avoid making large internal investments because it can count on Rimini Street to support its Oracle applications in addition to providing TLR updates and security services. “Rimini Street’s strongest point is their professionalism and deep knowledge of the product. It supports both platforms — EBS/OT and Agile PLM — and offers support on a more complex level,” Barmatz added.

Client Profile
BrightSource Energy designs, develops, and deploys concentrating solar thermal technology to produce high-value steam for electric power, petroleum, and industrial-process markets worldwide.
  • 400+ cases resolved. Average completion < 3 minutes.
  • Local workforce provides deep Oracle expertise

“Rimini Street's strongest point is their professionalism and deep knowledge of the product. It supports both platforms — EBS/OT and Agile PLM — and offers support on a more complex level.”

Amir Barmatz, Director of Information Technology, BrightSource Energy, Inc.

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