Korean energy company invests in eco-friendly power solutions and improves its satisfaction rating.

Established in 1962, Doosan Enerbility provides renewable, and hydrogen energy solutions, in addition to EPC Power plant, services, construction, and material manufacturing. Its goal is to carry out sustainable management that protects the Earth’s environment while enriching human life with new energy technologies.

As part of its efforts to push digital transformation across the value chain, it has supported and developed a digital solution to innovate operating processes and systems for overseas construction site digitalization. Doosan Enerbility uses Oracle Database to develop and operate various business applications. And the Oracle maintenance costs accounted for the highest portion of its IT operating costs. “Without digital innovation, it’s hard to maintain competitiveness,” explained the IT General Manager at Doosan Enerbility. “To secure investment budget for continuous innovation, we needed cost savings.”

With IT operating costs overall going up each year, Doosan Enerbility wanted to reduce and optimize expenditures, and transition to a new IT environment, strengthen competitiveness, and maintain system stability. The growing cost and lack of responsiveness from vendor support drove them to look for alternatives. “Before the transition, I reviewed the risk factors,” said the IT General Manager. “In addition to maintenance cost reduction, Rimini Street’s technical support capabilities were outstanding, and its service processes and service level agreements were transparent and well organized.”

The partnership began with Rimini Support™ for its mission-critical Oracle EBS platform, and the IT team saw immediate improvements in the quality and speed of support provided. With Korean-based support, he can quickly resolve issues by directly contacting his dedicated, in-country engineer for quick resolutions. “I appreciate that there is a dedicated engineer in Korea, and we get immediate support when we need it,” he explained. As they introduce new affiliates and transitions, they plan to look to Rimini Street for ERP support and database support as well. Since its initial partnership, the contract has been extended to support additional product lines. “We expanded Rimini Street services to our overseas affiliates and eventually added support for Oracle Database and open-source database because we were so satisfied with the high quality of service and the cost savings,” said the IT General Manager. “The budget to invest in innovation was insufficient, but since moving to Rimini Support™, we now have savings to invest in digital innovation to make our company a leader in the new IT environment.”

Over the duration of their engagement with Rimini Street, “The aggregate amount of savings grows annually. We’ve saved the equivalent of winning and completing a 6B KRW project,” said the IT General Manager. And beyond cost savings, Doosan Enerbility has been able to raise its internal technical support satisfaction rating to 4.96 out of 5.

With the significant savings of budget and talent resources, Doosan Enerbility is investing in robotic process automation (RPA), online communication, and collaboration to bring competitive edge and innovation to the marketplace. The impact also extends to support the company’s greater mission to bring forth cleaner, eco-friendly energy alternatives to consumers.

Client Profile
Doosan Enerbility is a leading plant expert for the power and water industry, offering energy solutions for thermal power, nuclear power, and renewable energy.
  • Saved the equivalent of winning and completing a 6B KRW project
  • Increased internal IT satisfaction rating to 4.96 out of 5.0

“The aggregate amount of savings grows annually. We’ve saved the equivalent of winning and completing a 6B KRW project.”

IT General Manager, Doosan Enerbility