During times of disruption, companies that innovate and proactively invest in their own future can emerge stronger on the other side. How did CFOs lead the charge to power through a 2020 business landscape that included a global pandemic and economic and political uncertainty?

What is the role — and priority — of technology in combating disruption? Who’s tracking IT ROI? How is the CFO digital transformation partnership with the CIO going? How does it all affect IT spending priorities for 2021?

A recent report from Dimensional Research reveals results of its global CFO survey, providing insights on those questions and more, including:

  • What % of CFOs will find a way to fund digital transformation projects with strong ROI, even if it involves convincing the Board?
  • What % of CFOs refuse to waste scarce IT funds on projects that don’t deliver results?
  • What IT initiatives would CFOs like to see more of from their CIOs?
  • Why did some CFO/CIO relationships get stronger (or worse) in 2020?
  • What do CFOs really think about cost cutting? (The results may surprise you.)

The research contains valuable findings and recommendations for CFOs and CIOs alike for continuing to drive digital transformation, prioritizing IT investments with strong business value, forging a strong CFO/CIO partnership, and allocating funds in 2021.

Assess how your organization stacks up — and your progress on CFO digital transformation — by downloading the report today.

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