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*Interoperability and Integration* Services

Interoperability and Integration Services

Ensure ERP systems work with other applications for the long term

Help Future Proof and Extend the Lifespan of Current ERP Systems

Today’s business climate requires enterprises to adapt to fast-changing technology, while extending the life of and driving maximum value from their ERP software. For IT teams, this often means juggling time-consuming demands of incompatible systems, end-of-service issues, differing certification provisions for various vendors, and compliance requirements. Meanwhile, constant browser updates can limit the use of newer browsers or even cripple ERP functionality.

The Rimini Street Interoperability and Integration Services, delivered by the Advanced Technology Services team, provides ERP support and advisory services to help clients cut through complexity and address integration and interoperability challenges. By helping future-proof enterprise software releases from an ever-changing infrastructure and IT landscape, Rimini Street positions clients to adopt new technologies, ensure interoperability, and maintain stability.


Rimini Street has helped hundreds of clients solve complex interoperability and integration challenges while avoiding lower-value upgrades to entire ERP systems or related infrastructure components. Services provided by the Advanced Technology Services team include the following:

Infrastructure assessment and alignment

Enterprise technology services including a tailored technology roadmap, based on business needs, such as potential upgrades and updates.

Technical best practice recommendations

Enterprise software services including recommendations based on experience supporting hundreds of complex and customized SAP and Oracle environments.

Interoperability support

Advanced technology services and support including insights needed to plan workarounds across the technology stack to avoid disruption to customizations and workflows.

Solution deployment support

ERP support and personalized, on-demand services to help update client technology stacks.

Browser compatibility

Enable  legacy ERP applications to work with virtually any type or version of browser.

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street provides unified support services for enterprise software to help optimize clients' IT investments through an expert, client-centric, single-provider model. Rimini Street enterprise technology services have helped clients worldwide keep their systems operational as upgrades happen in other parts of the IT environment.

Better model

Rimini Street wants clients to extract the greatest value from their enterprise software investments, and that starts by making sure that software works for the long-term. The Advanced Technology Services team and solutions are built with client success at the center, and value-added services are delivered at no additional cost to Rimini Street clients.

Better people

Integration and interoperability services are delivered by Rimini Street’s Advanced Technology Services team, staffed by experts experts with an average of 20+ years of experience in enterprise software services, integration, and interoperability. This team delivers consistent and repeatable ERP support service outcomes using proven processes and methodologies.

Better outcomes

Staying on a current release for an additional 15 years, and ensuring it works with other systems means cost savings to the business. Clients are able to redirect funds and resources to more strategic initiatives that move support innovation and growth.

Start future-proofing your enterprise software.

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