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Parking Company Shifts Funds from ERP Maintenance to Vital Strategic Innovation

“Our business is growing, and Rimini Street is helping enable us to make investments into other vital technologies for our online business and mobile initiatives, as a result of cutting our Oracle bill in half.”
Mike Tobin, Business Systems Manager


Throughout the 2000s, InterPark steadily upgraded PeopleSoft — from release 7 to 7.5, then to 8, and eventually, in 2008, to 8.8 SP1. The company has heavily customized its system and has built a complex set of internal and external web applications as a front end, using PeopleSoft’s component interfaces and APIs. InterPark began questioning the value of the services received in exchange for the vendor’s annual support fees. Its PeopleSoft 8.8 system was fundamentally stable, and IT staff were logging very few support tickets with the vendor. Furthermore, the vendor would not accept issues involving customized code.

Rimini Street Solution

Rimini Street supports InterPark’s PeopleSoft customizations at no extra charge and provides personalized support from a Primary Support Engineer who heads up an always-on-call team of experts. InterPark also uses Rimini Street Global Tax, Legal and Regulatory Update services for its payables process, receiving timely compliance updates ahead of the vendor’s own scheduled updates every year while under Rimini Street support.

Client Results

  • Saving 50% on Annual Support Fees: InterPark is channeling that savings into strategic initiatives to grow the company.
  • Avoiding Expensive, Business-Disruptive Upgrades: InterPark has stabilized its robust, customized, fully functional PeopleSoft 8.8 FSCM system. It can upgrade if and when the company’s business situation dictates change.
  • Enjoying Full-Featured Support and Advisory Services: InterPark experiences a completely new level of support that includes a broad portfolio of advisory services for security, interoperability, innovation and strategic roadmapping.


Client Profile
InterPark is North America’s premier owner, manager and developer of parking facilities. The company is known for providing superior returns to the owners of its facilities and superior service to their users.
Transportation & Logistics
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, with parking management services at more than 100 facilities across the United States
PeopleSoft FSCM 8.8 Service Pack 1 (General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Billing, Inventory, and Order Management), including US IRS Form 1099 tax, legal, and regulatory updates for Payables
Technology Platforms
Oracle Database, HP-UX Itanium database server, Microsoft Windows file servers

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