In business as in life, it’s OK to change your mind. Propex Operating Company depends on its global SAP ECC installation to manage a complex textile and construction materials business. Though the company had used independent support for an earlier version of SAP in the U.S., it returned to SAP support as it planned for a global rollout of ECC. Changes in the world economy forced a postponement of the project; cost savings once again became a priority. The need to handle critical payroll tax updates effectively drove a return to independent support.

Rimini Street Solution

Given the superior support provided by Rimini Street in the U.S., returning to the fold was a natural choice. The company knew it would save significantly on maintenance costs, avoid unnecessary upgrades, and receive timely, tailored  payroll tax updates delivered on time.

Client Results

  • Used the Rimini Street Tax Engine for SAP Payroll, an ISO 9001:2008-certified tax, legal, and regulatory service, to keep its payroll up to date and in compliance.
  • Simplified resolution of a wide range of SAP, technology stack and interoperability issues through personalized support from assigned Primary Support Engineers (PSEs).
  • Archived already-purchased software for future updates through a streamlined and efficient onboarding process.


Client Profile
Propex Operating Company, LLC develops solutions that displace outdated technologies and catalyze new and established industries to better practices in construction, engineering, erosion control, water management and transportation. For more than 100 years, the company has brought innovation and leadership to the markets it serves.
Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Hungary
Approximately 2,000
Technology Platforms
Dell / SUSE Linux & Windows 2000 / Oracle Database 8.1 (Germany) and 11.2 (U.S.)

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