Many leaders in the IT space are ‘switching to the cloud’ for their ERP applications suite. As a result of this changing ecosystem, many professionals are trying to strategize their move to streamline the process. If you are evaluating ERP in the cloud, there are three important factors to consider:

  1. Identify cloud models that have made the greatest impact to your business, which ones are ready now, and which models offer you greatest control over your roadmap.
  2. Analyze the open, vendor-agnostic versus proprietary cloud debate. This becomes particularly critical as ERP vendors abandon their premises-based roadmaps.
  3. Review use cases associated with an ERP rip-and-replace (including solution readiness, resourcing, funding, customizations).

Pat Phelan, former Gartner analyst and now the head of market research and strategy at Rimini Street, will share lessons learned and insights gained from over 25 years of working with IT leaders on how to move ERP into the cloud era without breaking the bank or introducing unmanageable risk.

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