Software Licensing Solutions Addressing Risk, Audits, and Asset Management

Enterprise software licensing management requires constant diligence to remain compliant. Reducing complexity and costs is key when selecting trusted asset management programs and providers. It's important to follow preferred practices around identifying favorable and appropriate contract terms, as well as mitigating compliance risk by noting exposure to potentially risky software vendor policies and practices. Keeping current on licensing changes, findings, and negotiation tactics helps in preparation for vendor audits and negotiations; being informed about licensee rights and obligations is also vital. Avoid negotiation compromises that can force the business into upgrades, artificial cloud migrations, or changes in terms that don't align with business strategy.

Software licensing services proactively identifying licensing exposure and helping mitigate compliance risk

Tracking and monitoring software usage and maintaining software licensing compliance is no small task, especially in hybrid IT models. It takes significant amounts of time, effort, expertise, and expense. Stay in compliance and optimize license positions to help cut through confusion around complex vendor licensing agreements ─ minimize costs, mitigate compliance risk, and maximize IT flexibility.

Optimize Software Licensing Management with Rimini Street Support Services

Be better prepared for audits with software licensing management

Preparing for vendor audits can be daunting. Incomplete software licensing compliance preparation can be risky if it’s unclear what to look for, potentially costing millions in unfair fines. Software vendor audits seem to be designed to benefit the software vendors and to give them maximum leverage to push their customers toward vendor-dictated cloud roadmaps or increased software or support fees. Rimini Street License Advisory Services deliver software licensing program insights to help understand clients’ rights and obligations, enabling them to approach audits with confidence.

Mitigate Software License Compliance Risk with Rimini Street Unified Services and Solutions

Software licensing management to help simplify and manage software assets

Receive expert guidance to help in choosing the right software asset management tools and providers. Rimini Street software licensing specialists provide independent advice and proven techniques to better manage software assets, strengthen software licensing compliance, and monitor license usage to potentially reduce the costs and complexity of a software landscape.

Rimini Street Licensing Advisory Services for ERP Software

Why Rimini Street

Rimini Street solutions replace software vendor support and deliver exceptional services and advisory experiences, leveraging software licensing experts through a scalable, global model to drive optimization of software licensing management. Rimini Street offers a software agnostic approach, arming clients with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities as they approach audits in more formidable positions. Control and maximize enterprise software licensing solutions and assets while mitigating compliance risk.

Better model

Rimini Street delivers unified support services for enterprise software and the breadth of premium features not found in vendor support programs at any price, including Rimini Street License Advisory Services, aiding clients with software licensing solutions and deep knowledge of earned entitlements and the potential pitfalls of negotiating with software vendors.

Better people

Rimini Street engineers have the expertise, technical agility, and global resources to help optimize the most complex software license management challenges. Clients receive dedicated, high-touch service from licensing experts who investigate system architecture and license products/metrics to identify areas of risk, providing compliance recommendations and guidance.

Better outcomes

Reducing license complexity and cost of audits, Rimini Street helps place clients in more advantageous positions for impending audits and negotiations with software vendors, as well as everyday management of licenses to maximize compliance and efficiency of license usage. Clients are more able to steer clear of software vendor-dictated upgrades, artificial cloud migrations, or term changes that don't align with overall business strategies.

Rimini Street Software Licensing Services Help Mitigate Compliance Risk

Software licensing solutions to mitigate compliance risk.

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