We help organizations expertly navigate the complexity of enterprise software licenses

Rimini Street is the leading independent provider of unified support services for Oracle applications and databases, helping clients gain control of their Oracle licenses and maximize the ROI of their investment.  

Rimini Street’s Global License and Advisory Services offers expert guidance and insights led by former license auditors to help you navigate and take the lead when it comes to your license strategy including:  

  • Helping to achieve and maintain license compliance
  • Reduction of escalating costs related to managing and maintaining your licenses  
  • Extending the life of your software and database with a guaranteed 15 additional years of worry-free support 

Take control of your Oracle strategy

Real-world challenge
Rimini Street helped our clients to
U.S. government agency faced the threat of an audit by a software vendor's partner, but lacked confidence in its internal assessments
Reduce the threat of an audit and avoid the significant costs related to conducting such an assessment imposed by the software vendor partner
A global technology services company wanted out of its ULA agreement, but didn’t have a clear understanding on the steps to take to certify out
Successfully certify out of their Unlimited Licensing Agreement (ULA) and save a considerable amount of funds that they reallocated towards strategic business initiatives
A large healthcare provider attempted to negotiate its significant support spend with the software vendor, which only led to frustration and zero outcomes
Assist with planning and negotiation as a trusted partner to get to desired business outcomes with confidence

Maximize the full potential of your Oracle licenses

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Meet one of our License Advisory Services Experts

Ryan Bendana, Senior Director for Rimini Street’s Global License and Advisory Services team, has over 20 years’ experience in the software industry, including various roles in sales and finance for Oracle. In addition, Ryan was a former auditor for Oracle’s License Management Services group during which time he identified considerable amounts of non-compliance and managed very complex audits that spanned across Oracle technology, middleware, and application programs. Ryan and his team have advised some of the largest organizations in the world (including Global Fortune 5) with a specific focus around risk mitigation, compliance, IT optimization, and enterprise solutions.