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Simply make your selections below to receive a detailed report on how Rimini Street can help you achieve a higher ROI on your SAP investment. Typically, SAP licensees save around 50% on annual support fees and up to 90% on total annual support costs, including upgrade avoidance, support for customizations, and self-support. Discover your potential savings now!

Why our SAP clients love us

Whether you choose to stay with ECC, have moved to S/4HANA, or are planning the move, Rimini Street can support you every step of the way.

Over 800 SAP licensees have said yes to Rimini Street. Our comprehensive, award-winning software services include:

  • human-first product expertise empowered by AI support intelligence
  • unlimited managed services
  • zero-day threat protection
  • interoperability solutions to modernize IT
  • timely tax, legal, and regulatory updates
  • personalized support for customizations
  • insightful vendor-agnostic consulting and professional services

Every Rimini Street support engineer is senior-level, with 10+ years of experience. Our average response time for critical (P1) and serious (P2) issues is less than two minutes, anywhere in the world. And our average overall client satisfaction rating is 4.9/5.0.

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What our SAP clients say

Read about SAP licensee success with Rimini Street Unified Software Support and Services.

“A key factor for me is that we are able to pursue our own roadmap… Rimini Street adapts to what we want to do, not the other way around. It is truly an extension of my internal SAP support team.”

Erik Looi, CIO

“The savings generated by this migration were actually much greater than the 50% cost cut related to the annual support contract, because now we don’t need other suppliers to support the large number of customizations we have made, as this service is part of the Rimini Street scope.”

Valdemar Castilho, IT Operations Manager

“One of the reasons we went with Rimini Street’s solution is so that we don’t feel pressured to have to upgrade to SAP S/4HANA in 2027 if the organization is not ready to make the investment; and we will still have the necessary support required.”

Marlahisa Matari, Sr. Manager, IT Application Management