As SAP annual maintenance fees rise, the value that licensees gain from the original vendor support model is decreasing. To balance the equation, many SAP licensees are moving from vendor software support to third-party support for SAP. In this comprehensive ROI analysis of 200 Rimini Street clients, you’ll learn about real business outcomes from making the switch as reported by clients and supported by hard data.

The data has been reviewed and verified by two independent analyst firms. This report, prepared by Valoir Research, validates the significant savings SAP licensees can experience in the following areas:

  • SAP annual maintenance fees: Break/fix support and tax, legal and regulatory updates
  • Upgrade burdens: The cost and labor of forced upgrades just to stay fully supported when vendor mainstream support windows end
  • Customization support gaps: The cost of supporting customizations that break and are not covered under the standard vendor support model
  • Self-support costs: The cost of additional resources and headcount required to deal with inefficiencies of vendor support, including regression testing, evaluation of hundreds of fixes, issue justification and self-service support

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