Many SAP customers have concerns these days. There’s a looming mainstream maintenance deadline, the push for S/4HANA migration, and high costs for full support — nearly 22% of annual licensing fees per year in maintenance until 2027, and an additional two percentage points until 2030.1

Meanwhile, SAP seems to be investing more and more in S/4HANA, yet enterprises with high functioning, customized Business Suite and older releases can be hard pressed to justify a migration to a still-maturing platform and unknown future innovation. For many organizations, the business case just isn’t there.

Fortunately, SAP licensees can keep the current software release, avoid an expensive upgrade until it makes sense, and drive digital transformation with Rimini Street third-party support.

In this eBook you’ll meet 11 SAP customers from a variety of industries who regained control of their IT roadmaps with help from Rimini Street enterprise software solutions. They received responsive, comprehensive service and saved big on support, enabling investment in growth areas such as:

  • expanded manufacturing capacity
  • strategic hiring
  • IT infrastructure migration to the cloud
  • IT service management (ITSM)

Stop paying excessive support fees and start funding innovation with the savings. Download the eBook today.


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