Free Up IT Resources and Supplement Database Team Capabilities

As enterprise databases increase in number, users, size, and demand, the need for database management and IT resources also increases. Adding open source databases to a mix of commercial databases brings new management challenges, as overburdened IT staff often lack the knowledge and experience to implement and support them. And management skills for legacy databases can become difficult to replace when long-time DBAs depart. While these challenges can be difficult, the solution is easy — and one that you already know. Leverage database management services from Rimini Street, the software support partner you trust to deliver expert, responsive service 24x7x365.

Database Management Solutions

Integrate Enterprise Support and Managed Database Services

Rimini Street Database Management Services complement existing Rimini Street L4 support, providing comprehensive managed database services for:

Commercial Databases
Open Source Databases
• Oracle Database
• PostgreSQL
• IBM Db2
• Microsoft SQL Server
• MongoDB
• MariaDB
• SAP Advantage Server
• SAP SQL Anywhere

Datasheet: Rimini Street Database Management Services

Detailed information about comprehensive database management services from Rimini Street.

Why Rimini Street for Database Management Services

• Database Administration
• Database Security
• Database Performance Tuning
• Database Infrastructure Support
• Database Performance Management
• Database Architecture
• Continual Service Improvement
• Disaster Recovery Assistance
• Problem Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
• Database Upgrades
• Backup and Recovery
• Service Validation and Testing
• Database Storage
• Release and Deployment Management
• Incident Management

Additional Database Management Services

To protect environments, streamline operations, and further lower costs, Rimini Street also offers these complementary database services:

Database Health Check

Spot gaps in database best practices and provide corrective guidance to avoid future problems
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Database Monitoring

Identify and mitigate issues before they become critical

Database Migration

Transition smoothly from commercial to open source databases as warranted, without disruption to business or interruption in support

Database Assessment

Choose the right database for production and non-production workloads

Professional Services

Project-based engagements, delivered by application and database experts
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Expert, independent database management support.

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