It might be time for a new database. 

Growing data volumes, real-time analytics, and digital initiatives are driving the need for more modern data architectures and platforms. 

As a result, many businesses are moving away from proprietary database software running on centralized servers in their own data centers and shifting to a newer generation of cloud databases that scale automatically and are much easier to deploy and manage. 

These new databases are often based on open-source software, and in fact, as of January 2021, open-source databases surpassed commercial databases in popularity.1   

So how should you choose your new open-source database? It pays to ask some critical questions such as: 

  • what are my data characteristics? 
  • how easy — or hard — will data migration be? 
  • what capabilities do I need? 
  • which database would fit well with my existing IT infrastructure? 

For more insights, including benefits and potential risks of open-source databases, download the eBook. 

 1 DB-Engines  

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