What is a Business-Driven Roadmap?

Today, growth is the top CEO priority, but to achieve this, organizations are being forced to re-orient aspects of their business processes and offerings based on evolving market and customer expectations, with technology as a key enabler. CIOs have a mandate to innovate and make investments in new technology initiatives, but are caught up in spending the majority of their budget on maintenance of current systems.

To deliver game-changing outcomes necessary for growth, IT teams must adopt a Business-Driven Roadmap, a rolling 3 – 10 year plan that translates an enterprise’s business strategy into technology initiatives that enable the enterprise to achieve its objectives. It is “Business-Driven” when technology investments are aligned with business goals, priorities, resources and timing, not with the vendor’s roadmap and goals.


For CIOs to achieve the flexibility, agility, growth and transformation required by the business to drive the organization forward, they need a roadmap that does the following:

Avoids vendor-dictated policies and models icon
Avoids vendor-dictated policies and models
Allows for best-in-class solutions icon
Allows for best-in-class solutions
Frees up funds from inefficient processes icon
Frees up funds from inefficient processes
Puts IT back in control icon
Puts IT back in control
Maximizes existing investments icon
Maximizes existing investments
Creates internal alignment icon
Creates internal alignment

Key Benefits

Optimize to Create Capacity

Break free from vendor-dictated roadmaps, policies, and costs Optimize your existing enterprise systems Redirect people and capital/funds to work on customer-facing initiatives

Accelerate Innovation

Modernize your core ERP with new capabilities, but without costly upgrades Leverage technologies to buy or build solutions that address business needs Transform infrastructure to increase agility including shifting to Hybrid/Cloud delivery

Future-Proof Your Enterprise

Accelerate application deployments with streamlined development Improve operations for delivering higher service levels to the business Achieve shorter lead times and greater agility

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