“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

─ Tom Grooms, Former CIO, CF Industries and Valspar

Few CIOs were ready for disruption like that of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Out of necessity, they pivoted at remarkable speed.

Fortuitously, disruption gives astute CIOs permission to question every budget dollar and fast-track critical projects to help the organization emerge stronger in the “next normal.” It’s a perfect time to reclaim wasted funds and build an IT strategic plan grounded in IT project prioritization.

This eBook contains key insights and lessons learned from top IT experts on rapidly and purposefully reducing legacy spend to fund innovation during disruption, plus:

  • a high-level IT project prioritization framework
  • IT investment strategies to survive, stabilize, and thrive during disruption
  • 5 pillars of IT optimization and savings that create funding and resourcing options

Also discussed is the importance of crafting a business-driven strategic IT Roadmap fully aligned with business priorities rather than following a software vendor-dictated roadmap.

Read this eBook and start building your post-pandemic IT strategic plan today, leveraging an IT project prioritization framework to cut costs, fund transformative initiatives, and come out stronger on the other side.

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