The IT skills gap and global technology talent shortage are real. Companies large and small around the world are feeling the effects.

The unprecedented pandemic-generated demand for cloud-based services, the Great Retirement of workers skilled in legacy systems, and employee retention issues are all contributing factors.

IT professionals who have their choice of job opportunities with new technologies or a clearer path to career growth are leaving to take them.

What if you could:

  • easily and seamlessly fill IT skills gaps or tech talent shortages in your organization?
  • end the search for just the right resources to maintain your specific applications and databases?
  • gain access to a broad and deep team of global technology experts?
  • retain your IT experts and keep them energized and engaged on visible, innovative projects for the business?

Now you can. Meet six organizations that have leveraged Rimini Street’s comprehensive software support services to address IT skills gaps and tech talent shortages, freeing up their own teams for high-priority digital transformation initiatives.

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