Has your ERP become complex, expensive, and labor-intensive? Are you balancing multiple ERP systems? Are you facing an IT talent shortage?

If you answered yes to any of these, this Rimini Street-sponsored research report is for you. UK business technology publisher Computing surveyed organizations regarding their:

  • current ERP setup and if it meets their needs
  • plans for ERP cloud migration
  • IT skills and resourcing challenges
  • factors influencing ERP consolidation
  • perspective on the role of third-party support in ERP consolidation

The report takes a detailed look at responses to 12 survey topics, including the greatest benefits from consolidating multiple ERP systems and the biggest barriers to ERP consolidation.

Based on the research findings, Computing explores ERP consolidation and third-party support as effective remedies for ERP headaches.

For the complete analysis, read the full report.

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