New technology and market disruption are rapidly enabling business transformation, as enterprises forge new paths in areas such as customer experience and vendor collaboration. Modern business models have emerged at the forefront, leaving historic business models in their wake — and potentially in the rearview mirror.

The modern enterprise needs modern IT support. Enhanced IT services are critical to maintain and manage complex, hybrid IT environments with multi-vendor products and services. And digitalization — manifested by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) — is critical for helping IT service delivery keep pace with the speed of business.

This white paper is for enterprises and services providers alike, and includes:

  • 5 building blocks that enhance IT services
  • the benefits of integrated services
  • how intelligence-enabled IT services can yield better outcomes
  • creating differentiation through personalization
  • empowering a proactive IT service model
  • IT service organization transformation

Ultimately this white paper can help organizations identify a modern software service provider to deftly support their modern enterprise, meet their level of urgency, and assuage any fear of missing out. It can also ideally help providers gain insights for strategically enhancing their IT services and digitalizing their service delivery without losing the human touch.

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