Delivering More Value by Supporting More Software

David Rowe
Chief Product Officer & EVP, Global Transformation
2 min read
Delivering More Value by Supporting More Software

Need to focus your limited IT resources on innovation while ensuring your complex software portfolio continues to support mission-critical operations? A new service offering called Rimini Custom™ can help. Here’s how.

As an IT leader, your purview is growing more—not less—complex every day. In fact, an eye-opening report from Salesforce indicated that, on average, organizations were using 1,061 different applications in 2023, up 10% from 976 a year earlier. And if you think that’s high, just consider data from Latka showing more than 17,000 SaaS providers worldwide offering their services to customers.

When something goes wrong with the software in your portfolio, timely access to expertise is crucial. For many organizations, that portfolio is a mix of solutions from multiple vendors involving customizations, integrations, and business processes, making support and maintenance all the more challenging.

Growing portfolio, growing pains

Today’s IT portfolios typically require managing multiple vendor contracts and wrestling with different support and service processes while avoiding potential finger-pointing among vendors when something goes wrong. Vendor-provided software support is not always optimal and might be reduced, limited, or unavailable for versions you depend on. And it might also be slow and ineffective, requiring additional resources from your already-stretched-thin IT staff to mitigate risk by providing a level of self-support.

A growing software portfolio, while delivering significant business value, can create big pain points for organizations, including:

  • Reduced or expired vendor support and escalating total support costs: Some software and versions—still crucial to operations—are at risk of reduced or no support from the vendor.
  • Slow and ineffective support and services: Vendor support often does not meet client expectations for responsiveness and coverage.
  •  Disjointed services from multiple vendors and providers: Too many vendors, all with different contracts, processes, and levels of service.

Introducing Rimini Custom™

That’s why Rimini Street is expanding its award-winning support and services to a broader scope of enterprise software products and releases with a new service offering called Rimini Custom™. Rimini Custom is a game-changer for organizations that need to focus their limited IT resources on innovation and transformation investments while ensuring existing, stable enterprise software applications, databases, and technologies continue to support mission-critical operations with an extended useful life.

Your organization doesn’t have the time, resources, or ROI to rip and replace your vast, working software estate. Rimini Custom can help ensure more of your enterprise software portfolio is supported and optimized while you focus on investments that can help drive competitive advantage and growth.

Expanding award-winning support and services

By expanding our award-winning services to a broader scope of enterprise software with Rimini Custom, Rimini Street streamlines the management of enterprise software assets as a single, trusted partner while ensuring extended support and reduced total support costs to overcome expired or diminishing vendor assistance.

Whether taking on multi-national, heavily customized systems or helping to solve interoperability needs, Rimini Street has earned its name as a trusted advisor and partner in the industry. With Rimini Custom, we can help remove barriers that keep you from reaching your goals while making your journey smoother.

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