ERP Strategy Lessons from Sweden’s CIO of the Year

Scott Hays
Sr. Product Marketing Director
Rimini Street
2 min read

Ingo Paas is the CIO of Green Cargo, a sustainable logistics partner serving 270 locations across Scandinavia, transporting some 22 million tons of freight annually. Recently, my colleague Luiz Mariotto and I had the privilege of hosting Ingo and a roundtable of IT leaders. Afterward, Ingo shared a deeper dive on his bold strategies that helped to modernize Green Cargo’s systems, skills, and technology infrastructure; these bold strategies led IDG to award Ingo Sweden’s 2022 CIO of the Year.

During this deeper dive, Ingo discussed some of the more salient issues he faced that are common among his peers—mature core ERP applications, a legacy mainframe, challenging partnerships, and a backlog of innovation and transformation projects—and we’ve curated a few excerpts to share with you.

Faster, better, lower cost

Ingo and his team now develop more resilient applications faster, better, and at a lower cost. And Rimini Street’s support of Green Cargo’s SAP ECC system has been a pillar of his strategy right from the start. I’m impressed by Ingo’s leadership and balance of boldness and humility, and I think you’ll be impressed, too. Just take a look at the videos below.

ERP Roadmap Options – Rip and replace? Migrate? Extend your current system? How do you evaluate the risks of each path?

Inaction was a huge risk to the business and digital transformation was the answer but accepting the inherent risks of migrating to S/4HANA was a non-starter.


Innovate around your core ERP – Are you focusing your innovation efforts in the right areas?

A build over buy decision for a new customer put Green Cargo’s development team to the test. Their success was in building from their existing core systems outward.


Transformation – How do engagement, expertise, and cost savings accelerate business transformation?

Using Rimini Street was essential to reducing risks or supporting and managing the existing SAP platform and completing 23 improvements to it.


Platform, principles, and people – How do you recruit and train staff on Agile and low-code development?

Autonomy, accountability, and trust accelerates success. New ideas and feedback are equally welcome.



Want to discover more about Green Cargo’s journey and success? Read the client success story, Eco-Friendly Transportation Leader on Track to Sustainability with Independent IT Support and learn more about Ingo’s approach, strategies, and tactics in his book Digital Composable Enterprises – An Evolutionary Approach to Innovative Organizations from the Core of the Business.