How to Maximize the ROI of Your Oracle Database License

Robert Freeman
Senior Product Management Director
2 min read
How to Maximize the ROI of Your Oracle Database License

Discover how to extend the life of your databases, improve ROI, and fund innovation with support savings with Rimini Street services and support for Oracle Database.

Have you ever met an Oracle customer who happily pays the company’s fees for software support? Neither have we. But too few really understand how beneficial—and painless—breaking up with Oracle Database support can be.

Databases require a great deal of care and feeding and if not properly maintained, small problems can eventually grow into major issues. It can be challenging to keep up with needed, ongoing maintenance, even more so if your organization is reluctant to pay extra for Oracle Extended Support or has entered the Twilight Zone of Sustaining Support with no guarantee of new fixes, critical patch updates, or tax, legal, and regulatory updates.

It seems there’s not much incentive for large vendors to provide prolonged support for software heading toward the end-of-life bin. Rimini Street is different. We were founded on the radical idea that you—not software vendors or resource constraints—should be in charge of your IT.

When was your last database health check?

Keeping your Oracle Database properly cared for starts with a comprehensive health check that not only can revolutionize your database environment, but can also ensure you’re in better control.

During a health check, expert database administrators will work with you and perform an exhaustive review of the database environment to ensure that it’s running as smoothly as possible, conforms to best practices, and utilizes practical and sound backup, recovery, and high availability strategies.

Keeping databases performing at peak efficiency is essential, and 3rd-party support can provide you with insight and suggestions on how to improve that performance.

Frequently, organizations are looking not just to trim costs, but for value-added services that few software vendors are willing to provide. That’s why Rimini Street strategic services groups assist clients at any stage of their infrastructure development, including:

  • License advisory services to help maximize deployment of your Oracle Database licenses to help achieve the best return on investment
  • Help with developing a business-driven, rather than vendor-dictated roadmap–even migrating from a closed-code database to an open-source alternative
  • Cloud advisory services to help you figure out how to leverage the cloud, from conception to implementation and even operations
  • Security advisory services to assist clients in dealing with security issues they may encounter

Say hello to an extra 15 years of support

You need a solid commitment to support interoperability and integration needs for your databases or applications beyond what a vendor is willing to cost-effectively provide.

Say goodbye to those automated email responses to priority one support tickets, which often provide you a list of to-dos to complete before you can even talk to a human being.

If you have a priority 1 ticket, you should expect to get a call back from an experienced engineer in 10 minutes or less. Rimini Street support team engineers have a minimum of 10 years of real-world experience, and, on average, it takes less than 2 minutes for a call back.

Rimini Street provides support and managed services for hundreds of clients large and small, every day of the year, 24x7x365. That includes a guarantee of full support of your current release for 15 years from contract date.

Ready to make a seamless exit from Oracle? Discover how to extend the life of your databases, improve ROI, and fund innovation with support savings: Learn more about Rimini Street services and support for Oracle Database.