Many organizations follow an ERP vendor-dictated IT roadmap — implementing patches, upgrades, and transitions to the cloud as their vendors recommend — usually at a significant cost and sometimes with no business benefits at all. It’s a problem; fortunately there’s a solution.

Nucleus Research, an independent IT research firm specializing in investigative research and ROI investment analysis, has authored this paper on embracing a Business-Driven IT Roadmap, citing Rimini Street as an enabler of a best-in-class, agile, transformative route. Switching from a vendor-dictated roadmap to a Business-Driven IT roadmap — where all IT spending and activities support the business goals of the organization — will enable you to:

  • regain control of your IT strategy
  • reduce vendor dependency and support costs
  • maximize the value and extend the life of existing hardware and systems
  • future-proof your application strategy
  • increase staff productivity and retention
  • free up funding for business-critical IT initiatives
  • free up funding for innovation

Discover the 5 key benefits of a Business-Driven Roadmap and how it can enable you to maintain control of your company’s IT direction — and drive IT success.

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