Is your application management services (AMS) model broken?

And are your application management tickets lost in an abyss? Do issues that are “fixed” keep breaking again when business processes shift? Are you losing valuable IT time ─ and budget ─ on AMS SLA oversight while questioning the skills of your managed services providers?

Rimini Street analyzed thousands and thousands of clients’ historical managed services incidents and service requests. The results of the analyses were eye-opening, revealing four performance issues that were commonly present with clients’ previous AMS models.

The findings revealed that some AMS providers had minimal or no skills in proactive problem solving and preventative maintenance ─ they just couldn’t keep up. Rimini Street stepped in and significantly reduced clients’ overall open incident volumes. For one client, open incidents were reduced by 75% in one year!1

Are one or more of the four performance issues happening with your AMS model? Find out right now; download this Rimini Street eBook.

1Rimini Street Confidential Client Ticket Analysis; AMS for SAP Vendor, September 2019 – October 2020.

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