Many Oracle JD Edwards customers share the same concerns: they are getting less new value from Oracle today than they received in the past, and are caught in an expensive cycle of paying Oracle nearly 22% of the license fee per year in maintenance costs — essentially repurchasing their existing legacy software every five years.

What has greatly impacted many JDE licensees is Oracle having no new major release on its roadmap for either JD Edwards World or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and only extending full support for the latest releases — until April 2025 for World A9.4 and until December 2031 for EnterpriseOne 9.2.1

Rather than developing major new releases, Oracle has instituted a continuous release strategy through enterprise software updates (ESUs), which may or may not include valuable, new functionality for individual licensees. Implementing the ESUs can be expensive and labor-intensive, consuming even more critical enterprise resources that are needed for growth, and forcing painful funding tradeoffs.

Fortunately, Oracle JD Edwards customers can skip the ESUs, save up to 90% on total software maintenance costs, and drive digital transformation with Rimini Street third-party support.

In this e-book, you’ll meet five JDE licensees who regained control of their IT roadmaps by partnering with Rimini Street. They received comprehensive, engineer-led service and invested their significant support savings into strategic initiatives such as:

  • improving efficiencies through the use of mobile hardware and applications
  • developing advanced web portal capabilities for customers and consultants
  • increasing funding for a subscription engine, a product data model, an HR system, and several e-commerce platforms
  • reinvesting funds into business intelligence and master data platforms

To learn more about how to stop paying excessive support fees and start funding innovation, read the eBook today.

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