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Although many CIOs have the mandate to innovate, only a lucky few get new budget and staff to deliver the innovation. Those that don’t must balance the challenge of resource allocation with the pressure of adhering to costly ERP vendor roadmaps—for maintenance or cloud migration—or seemingly risk losing vendor support.

Making the mindset shift from a vendor-driven model to a Business-Driven Roadmap—where IT spending is aligned with business goals, priorities, and timing—can enable you to:

  • optimize budget and staff to create capacity: allocate the right organizational resources to the right pursuits to support targeted business outcomes
  • accelerate innovation: use created capacity to adopt new best-in-class IT functionalities to enable business strategy
  • future-proof your enterprise: maximize the value and lifespan of existing and customized assets to serve business goals

Discover the 11 attributes of a Business-Driven Roadmap and how it can enable you to maintain control of your company’s IT direction.

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