Your IT roadmap just got more challenging. Market forces are affecting it, placing a premium on growth and innovation. But if you understand the market forces and plan accordingly, you can achieve growth and innovation—and gain a competitive advantage.

Our new research report recommends that when creating or modifying your IT roadmap, account for these market forces:

  • The CIO has a new mandate: become a business-driven thought leader rather than being a caretaker of technology
  • Disruptive technologies, including mobile and the cloud, are pervasive: control the disruption by setting a strategic direction for the digital journey, and choosing the technologies you adopt accordingly
  • IT options are evolving: leverage them to future-proof your enterprise through a hybrid IT environment that combines highly-functional existing systems with new, best-in-class solutions
  • IT operations and support organizations are stressed to meet the business’s demands for technology, so changes must occur: optimize resource allocation—budget and staff—to create new capacity to deliver and support innovation

Read full report to learn more about the four market forces and how using a Business-Driven Roadmap—that aligns all IT spending with business goals—can help drive success.

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