In the finale of 10 episodes, Hari Candadai, Global VP at Rimini Street, interviews Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research to discuss digital transformation solutions in the face of the global pandemic.

Choosing the best IT investment strategy depends on your business model and where you want to go. If you’re expanding, keep integration in mind as you bet on your future. Preserve your efficient cost structure, and use money and cost savings to fund new initiatives, achieve scale, or buy time.

If you’re contracting, reduce your cost structure to operate with the least amount of resources but the maximum amount of gain. Eliminate costly contracts; optimize licenses; postpone as much as possible, and sweat out your assets.

No matter what your market position or future goals, a sound IT investment strategy should include consideration of long-term business strategy and the total cost of ownership over the next three to five years, mapped to business priorities.

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