How are modern IT leaders scrutinising their investments and prioritising spend?

While IT tends to act as a budget consumer, there are ways organisations can free up budget, squeezing those costs in order to release funds that can be invested back into the business. Recently interviewed by global market intelligence firm IDC, Rimini Street’s Pat Phelan, VP of Market Research highlighted that keeping business applications current is important, however, organisations should strive to consider a framework that can effectively assess the complexity of your IT architectures.

Key takeaways:

  • Devise a framework that evaluates the complexity of your IT architecture and related costs prior to further IT investments
  • A truly valuable roadmap is one dictated by the business, not by the IT vendor
  • ERP licensees typically absorb additional support costs beyond annual maintenance fees which often aren’t necessary
  • Organisations do not need to bow to the pressure of moving to the cloud

Watch the interview today and understand how your organisation can tackle ERP modernisation by redirecting ERP cost savings.

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