Are the complexities of composable ERP holding you back? Learn why a composable business model is a critical path for enterprises looking to de-risk uncertainty. We focus on the advantages of adopting a composable ERP strategy and the ROI associated with making this shift.

Join industry expert and CTO Eric Helmer from Rimini Street in this on-demand video as we reveal:

  • Concepts and principles of a composable ERP strategy
  • How to make decisions regarding what to keep from a current ERP system and what to change
  • Planning for training in the new skills and technologies your team needs for a successful transition to a composable ERP strategy

If you’re looking for a strategy that frees you from vendor pressure and supports your Business-Driven Roadmap, this is the video for you.

Eric Helmer
Eric Helmer
SVP & Chief Technology Office
Scott Hays
Scott Hays
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Rimini Street

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