SAP software is mission-critical and can be complex. The same can be said for SAP licensing which makes compliance difficult. Yet, being out of compliance can be an invitation for an audit, which is an easy way for SAP to generate revenue at your expense and cause unwanted lock-ins.

During this webinar you’ll learn smart ways to manage your SAP relationship, plus how to free your budget and liberate funds for innovation including digital transformation.

Join this essential session as our experts explain how to respond to:

  • SAP license negotiation strategies
  • SAP audit triggers and tactics including Indirect Access
  • Licensing questions when moving to third-party support

Doug Gibson, Managing Partner at Invictus Partners along with James Ratcliffe, Service Solution Architect — SAP at Rimini Street will share guidance on SAP licensing as well as strategies to reduce your SAP support costs, free up resources, and focus on your business initiatives.


James Ratcliffe
James Ratcliffe
Service Solution Architect - SAP
Rimini Street

James joined Rimini Street in April 2017 as a Service Solution Architect for SAP products in EMEA. Coming from 17 years at SAP UK, he spent the last 10 years working in the support organisation. Working directly with customers in varied sectors including Automotive, Public Sector, Banking, Manufacturing and Aerospace, he has delivered all support offerings from Standard support, PSLE and Enterprise Support to the premium engagements such as Advanced Secure Support, Active Embedded & MaxAttention. More recently he has had roles in business development for premium engagements and secure support, carries NATO security clearance and worked in the cloud space as a back office mentor and coach in the HEC support deployment team.

Doug Gibson
Doug Gibson
Managing Partner
Invictus Partners

Doug, a 29+ year international IT veteran, is the Founder and Managing Partner of Invictus Partners, a software licence advisory firm. Prior to setting up Invictus, Doug spent 23 years working in senior sales and advisory positions at SAP, Oracle and IBM across Australia, Asia Pacific and Africa, to drive their licensing business.

Over the last 7 years Doug and his team have been working with clients across Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, to review and optimise their licenses, assist with software audit defence, manage their software real estate and provide digital transformation advisory.

Doug’s intimate knowledge of the licensing and auditing practices of software vendors including SAP, IBM and Oracle, has enabled him to successfully support clients in the Retail, Manufacturing, Utilities, Public Sector, Oil, Gas and Financial Service industries, advising on each industry’s unique licence challenges. Doug has successfully assisted his clients in reducing their overall spend with these vendors; constructing and negotiate Enterprise and Unlimited Agreements; providing advisory on their platform modernisation initiatives; and developing cloud licensing strategies.

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