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Seizing the opportunity in 2021 - Unleash new value from Salesforce investments

According to a Gartner*, 69% of CIOs say their organisations were forced to accelerate digital transformation initiatives in response to the global pandemic. New processes and technologies that were nice to have suddenly became ‘must haves’.

Existing Salesforce customers already control a powerful solution for digital transformation to better engage clients, prospects and their internal business functions as a single entity to create new value. However, most Salesforce customers still struggle to harness the true value of their Salesforce platform, and often find themselves focused on resolving basic business issues.

Join in the discussion on new ways Salesforce customers can:

  • Shift from drowning in backlogs of ticket requests
  • Unleash the full value of your Salesforce platform
  • Use Application Management Services that offer unlimited use, dedicated and consistent expertise, under a single, predictable subscription
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