If you’re running Oracle EBS 12.1 or earlier, you’re paying Oracle 22% of your license fees for old patches and fixes with no new updates or features. Upgrading to 12.2 just to get minimal support means undertaking a time-consuming and costly upgrade. Neither are practical ways to spend your IT dollars with global uncertainty looming and digital transformation initiatives at hand.

Combining survey data and a historical look at the history and the future of Oracle EBS innovation, this white paper provides licensees with valuable insights and considerations to make informed decisions around their Oracle roadmap. The white paper covers:

  • Insights from a recent Oracle EBS licensee survey around perceptions and plans for EBS
  • At-a-glance view of Oracle EBS releases and end-of-support dates by version
  • An overview of Oracle’s strategy for innovation and upgrades for its E-Business Suite software
  • Ways that independent, third-party support from Rimini Street helps licensees extend the life of their EBS systems and avoid or delay upgrades that deliver little value

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