Amid global disruption, cloud has become an attractive option to reduce IT costs, improve performance, and serve as the basis for launching new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Making the move to the cloud doesn’t mean decommissioning all of your non-cloud resources; many organizations need these non-cloud resources to form the basis of digital transformation and other innovation efforts. And there are some complex, resource-intensive applications and infrastructure that may never be cloud-ready. These types of environments demand a hybrid approach.

Hybrid IT allows cloud and non-cloud resources to coexist so that organizations can continue running certain applications and resources in non-cloud environments, while taking advantage of the cloud for elements that benefit from the cloud. This white paper, “Leveraging Hybrid IT Now to Power Digital Transformation,” unpacks the role of hybrid IT as an enabler of innovation and a practical strategy for realizing a best-fit IT environment.

The white paper covers the following topics:

  • The rise of hybrid IT and common business use cases
  • Addressing feature parity in non-cloud and comparable cloud solutions
  • What to expect during a migration to a hybrid environment
  • How hybrid IT impacts opportunity cost, flexibility, and your business roadmap
  • Examples of businesses that have successfully implemented hybrid IT environments and reinvested in innovation

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