Rimini Street Foundation

Rimini Street, Inc (NASDAQ: RMNI) , a Russell 2000® company, is the global leader in independent, third-party enterprise software support services, serving over 4,400 clients to date. The Rimini Street Foundation is a privately funded charitable program of Rimini Street and its global subsidiaries. Our foundation is a reflection of the values, hearts, and passion of Rimini Street as a company and individuals that make up our global community. We are on a mission to support humankind and share our company success by investing back into the communities we serve around the world through in-kind donations, employee time, and financial support.


At Rimini Street, February is RMNI LOVE month – a celebration of the love and appreciation we share for our Colleagues, Company, Clients, and Community (our 4 Cs).

We support equal opportunity in all we do, and in celebrating of RMNI LOVE, we are furthering this cause by investing in passionate, dedicated organizations who are working tirelessly to uplift the community through our 2022 launch of the RMNI LOVE™ Grant Program.

The Rimini Street Foundation’s work is central to how we show our love to the communities in which we live and work all over the world. This annual grant program, which will operate under a “follow the sun” model to reach a new city each year, is powered by the passion of our Foundation Committee, the dedication of our colleagues, and the singular mission of equal opportunity which acts as Rimini Street’s guiding principle in our business, philanthropy, and beyond.

RMNI LOVE in Las Vegas

Since the Rimini Street Foundation was started in 2015, we have supported over 350+ charities in 6 continents. We are proud of our work in communities around the world and eagerly look forward all the bright things ahead. However, none of this would have been possible without the love and support of our hometown community of Las Vegas. This is why we are kicking off our first annual RMNI LOVE™ Grant Program in Las Vegas!

The Rimini Street Foundation will be giving 5, $10,000 grants to certified 501(c)3 Nonprofit organizations in the Las Vegas area. The application portal will open February 1, 2021 and close February 28. Our Foundation committee will then review applicants and winners will be announced in March.

RMNI LOVE™ Grant Application