Quickly address resource gaps and operational efficiencies with unified IT management services and support

Robust IT management services for ERP applications, databases, and technology platforms are within reach.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, IT leaders are tasked with managing costs, while improving operational performance and service level responsiveness. At the same time, they need to manage IT services efficiently, which requires a variety of IT management services skills. Technology leadership who are responsible for delivering IT innovation need managed services that can accomplish all internal goals.

However, as IT teams continue to turnover, it becomes increasingly difficult to find reliable internal and outsourced team members to help manage the evolving needs of complex existing environments – especially related to enterprise application management for software such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce® and their associated databases.

That’s where Rimini Manage can help. You’ll get application managed services (AMS) with a team of 800+ engineering experts who understand complex application management solutions such as Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and database environments. This allows you to free up valuable internal IT resources to focus on innovation projects – with peace of mind that our team is in place to not only manage your environment, but to also help you optimize it.

Applications Supported by Rimini Manage

Managed IT Solutions for Oracle

Help ensure the stability of your business-critical Oracle applications while improving service levels with our application management as a service.
Rimini Manage for Oracle

Managed IT Solutions for SAP

Simplify and consolidate your SAP application management services with us.
Rimini Manage for SAP

Managed IT Solutions for Salesforce

Maximize benefits from your Salesforce investments through our application management service, simultaneously minimizing operational costs.
Rimini Manage for Salesforce

Why Choose Rimini Manage for IT Management Services

Consolidate and simplify application and database management while freeing up internal resources with one trusted partner for managed application services and support. Rimini Street offers application managed services through expert engineers when you need them to deliver a premium services and support experience. Our team is focused on helping you drive more efficiency, improve service levels, and provide faster resolutions so you can free up time, resources, and budget on IT transformation.

No Worry Approach

At the heart of the Rimini Manage offering is the concept of Unified Software Services that includes both Managed Services and Software Support delivered by a global team of experienced engineers with deep ERP application, AMS, and database experience. This model integrates and automates managed IT solutions and support case monitoring which means fewer handoffs, escalations and revisions.

Continuous Optimization

Our unique business model moves far beyond traditional staff augmentation and system monitoring/maintenance to analyze root causes that help prevent future issues, streamline business processes and improve service levels of our application maintenance services.

Flexible Program Options

Our unique subscription model provides flexibility to choose from an unlimited ticket model* that allows you to benefit from predictable billing of application and database requests and needs, and a variable resource model that provides the right coverage levels as your business needs grow and contract. We also include adaptive professional services resources to assist with system enhancements, professional services projects, and unique staff augmentation needs over time.
*For incidents and service requests from a catalog of services

Rimini Street IT Management Services representative assisting with application management solutions.

Compare the value

Research, evaluate, and consider the differences between AMS solutions before choosing a managed services provider for mission-critical applications.

Traditional MSPs
MSP Key Attributes
Our 360° Managed Services Value
Land and expand, revenue generation
Overall Focus
Flexibility to choose between unlimited
and variable resource models
Contract-focused and tactical
Management Approach
Business driven and strategic
Multi-vendor and inefficient
Case Resolution
Single vendor for streamlined services and support
Transform and/or replace
Systems approach
Extend the lifespan
Maximizing revenue
Cost Model
Pricing options to best match your business needs
Case volumes and speed to closure
Case Management
Root cause and client satisfaction
Often SAP/Oracle and project-focused
Advice & Guidance
Agnostic and client-focused
SLAS can be hidden behind product support agreements
SLA Management
Transparent, driving the right behaviors

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