Three Ways VMware Customers Can Buy Time & Extend Value

Rodney Kenyon
GVP, Professional Services – Rimini Custom
3 min read
Three Ways VMware Customers Can Buy Time & Extend Value

Facing a steep cost increase for VMware? You have options, and Rimini Street can help: Start with three ways to buy time and extend the value of your VMware investments.

As the dynamic IT landscape continually evolves, CIOs and IT decision makers face an increasingly complex array of challenges. The most pressing of which involve decisions concerning when to adopt new technologies, For example, consider the decisions VMware customers are now being forced to make after its recent acquisition by Broadcom.

Many organizations with perpetual VMware licenses are facing significant annual fee increases demanded by VMware. In fact, according to Device42, “some VMware customers are experiencing cost increases of as much as 1,200%.” VMware products that were once available for license purchase are now only being offered as part of subscription bundles, leading to steep price hikes over multi-year terms.

Why get locked into a costly contract when you don’t have to? You have options. Start by keeping these three considerations in mind as you build out your VMware roadmap strategy:

1. Weigh your virtualization options

VMware’s shift in licensing strategy has left many organizations in a state of uncertainty, and potentially locked into multi-year terms. Perpetual licensees, who have made substantial investments in their existing VMware infrastructure, now find themselves under pressure to either accept the new terms or explore alternative solutions.

This situation creates an immediate need for adequate time to make optimal decisions, and explore all options, including VMware alternatives such as commercial and open source hypervisors and virtualization solutions, public and private clouds, and container platforms.

With renewals fast approaching, enterprises lack the time necessary to evaluate and shift to alternative virtualization environments (this includes hypervisors, management systems and myriad ancillary tools for things like high availability and virtual machine backup to name a few). For many, these are business-critical systems, and exploring self-support options is too risky. Therefore, the focus must shift toward strategies that allow organizations to “buy time” and find certainty during uncertain times.

2. Plan for long-term success

The concept of buying time is not merely about delaying decisions but also about creating a buffer to thoroughly analyze all available options without feeling forced to make a quick move. And this is exactly where Rimini Street can help.

Rimini Street offers VMware customers an alternative, comprehensive annual support program that can enable them to continue using their perpetual licenses to run critical business applications while maximizing the value of their VMware investment. With Rimini Support™, Rimini Protect™, and Rimini Consult™ for VMware, organizations have time to make these and other critical infrastructure decisions while receiving Rimini Street award-winning premium support, continued security protection, and expert guidance to help clients optimize their current VMware investments while building an infrastructure roadmap for the future.

The rapid pace of technological change often means vendors roll out innovations faster than IT leaders can assess or implement them. You need to evaluate virtualization solutions not just for your current needs but also for their capability to support cloud computing, AI, IoT, and future emerging tech. Buying time can help enable you to better mitigate and minimize risks while planning for long-term success.

3. Engage a trusted IT advisor and partner

As a VMware customer you actually have options—you can diversify through different virtualization providers, or you can lift and shift all your workloads over to another provider or cloud. By engaging with Rimini Street, a trusted advisor and objective partner in the industry, we can help you identify your best path forward, aligning technology strategy with your business objectives.

You’ve likely made significant investments in your current VMware infrastructure, and we can share advice and counsel on how to both continue leveraging your mature and proven VMware infrastructure platform and get the premium, mission-critical quality support and services you need at a price point you can afford.

Turning challenges into opportunities

While the uncertainty introduced by VMware’s licensing changes may feel daunting, it’s actually a great opportunity for organizations to take control of their VMware strategy. By engaging a trusted IT advisor and partner in Rimini Street, organizations gain time and empower IT leaders to make strategic, informed decisions that align with their long-term goals.

Learn more: Discover how Rimini Support, Rimini Protect and Rimini Consult, a trio of powerful, proven solutions immediately available for VMware products, can help you take control of your VMware strategy today.